Irish Embassy Pub & Grill

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May 8, 2010

Review: The Irish Embassy Pub and Grill

The Irish Embassy Pub and Grill is easily the hottest joint in Toronto City. Located in a magnificent ancient building standing a stone throw away from the heart of the bustling city, the pub offers an excellent rendezvous after a hard busy day. If you are looking for style coupled with royal class comfort as you enjoy five star services then the Irish Embassy Pub and Grill is the ultimate choice.

Good Atmosphere
Everything about this pub represents class and style. First the building itself has been given a modern touch without losing its ancient glamour. It is an attraction that that keeps drawing enthusiasts from far and wide. Walls of the longue and the main bar are lined with decorated mahogany and cool colors that give the place a serene natural look. Inside there is state of the art leather furniture and elegant stuffed settees where you can relax with your friends.

Nice Music
If you dislike crowded places, you may opt for the secluded cubicles that have nonstop soothing music giving you the perfect feel of privacy. The music can be adjusted as you like without affecting other occupants. If you want to enjoy a nap, the self contained rooms at Irish Embassy Pub have no equal in Toronto city. The rooms have connection to satellite TV, plasma TV screens, hot showers and good music to keep you entertained throughout your stay. In the exclusive suites you also have a dedicated wireless connection for your internet needs.

High Quality Services
The Irish Embassy Pub and Grill offers excellent services that include 24 hour room service for residents. An efficient intercom links room occupants to the customer care desk ensuring their needs are attended promptly. At the bar they have friendly professional bartenders who have years of experience on customer care and service. They ensure your orders are taken and processed as fast as possible. Security services in and around the pub is guaranteed with active surveillance cameras monitoring the happenings in and around the pub. Security personnel also work around the clock to ensure you enjoy your stay at the pub without fear.

Reasonable Prices
Prices at the Irish Embassy Pub and Grill are the friendliest in Toronto. For instance nowhere else will you get Stella beer for an incredible $4. During the week days you can grab a 3 ounce Martini at $6.50. Irish Embassy Pub is the only place you can get world class services at reasonable prices.

Reviewed by: Kevin Harter