Irish Embassy Pub & Grill

Toronto Life
February 1, 2003

Irish Embassy Pub And Grill

A haven for Irish expats and business folk of every pinstripe. Most regulars grab a draft Guinness or a Smithwicks and jostle for elbow room at the copper- mahogany bar, but the more optimistic sign up- there's always a long list- for a much coveted table. The menu is a stew of Irish, Canadiana and pub grub, in proportions that demand a doggy bag. A tray of tandoori skewers ($9) comes with a rather light peanut sauce. Supple smoked salmon ($11) arrives on slices of Irish soda bread, which are too soft for the weight they carry. Substantial mains come to the table surprisingly quickly, given the crowds. The bison burger ($12) , a little more cooked than the requested medium- rare, gets character from tangy old cheddar and a fat slice of back bacon. For $7, the mini fish and chips is the best deal going, with small pieces of cod and fresh cut fries piled onto an oversized plate; the halibut entrée is $15. Stew lovers have the luck of the Irish; tender chunks of lamb and veggies simmered gently in an exquisite broth($14), No need to add a side of colcannon ($3) to the order, unless you're looking for tomorrow's lunch.