Irish Embassy Pub & Grill

Simon Ridgard
Bar Manager

Hailing from the west coast of Ireland, Simon has always maintained that a personal touch goes a long way in the hospitality industry, and strongly believes in treating every guest as though he were entertaining them in his very own home.

Having grown up among some of the most hospitable and engaging pubs and restaurants on the Emerald Isle, Simon has accumulated over 10 years experience of working the diverse bar scenes of both Toronto and his homeland of Ireland. He also has a very broad understanding of the industry, having cut his teeth by working everything from your typical hole-in-the-wall pub to the Four Seasons Hotel in Dublin, Ireland.

After studying business in his hometown of Galway City, he moved to Canada to satisfy his urge to travel and gain greater perspective on the world. A passionate mixologist, Simon is a dedicated student of the fermented arts, and is as passionate about basic staples such as beer and wine as he is about our extensive selection of whiskeys and liqueurs.